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Measures Updated for Transition to Phase 4 Reopening

At a COVID-19 community update press conference held today, Premier Hon. Wayne Panton emphasised that Phase 4 of the reopening plan moves forward cautiously the Cayman Islands, which continues to be committed to reopen in a responsible and informed way.

Also addressing the conference were Tourism and Transport Minister, Hon. Kenneth Bryan; Health and Wellness Minister, Hon. Sabrina Turner as well as Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee. A demonstration on getting online documentation from Travel Cayman was provided by Chief Officer Wesley Howell. Prayer was led by Pastor Mitch Exctain.

Highlights from the Premier included:

  • With a resurgence of COVID- 19 in a number of countries, which are reintroducing regulatory measures including restrictions on restaurants, bars and social activities, if the Cayman Islands waits to emerge into a world free of COVID -19, “we would never welcome tourists back to our shores”.
  • Two sets of regulations – Control of Covid-19 (Travel) Regulations, 2021 and the Control and the Control and Management of Covid-19 (No. 2) Regulations, 2021 – are being implemented.
  • Public Gatherings for now remain at 100 persons indoors and 250 persons outdoors. Going forward: If the venue can host an event splitting the number of persons indoor and outdoor then the event is allowed 100 persons indoors and 250 persons outdoors at the same venue.
  • If it is an event at an outdoor venue that can be divided into 2 or more partitioned areas activities can simultaneously be held in each partitioned area not exceeding 250 persons in each area. These provisions do not include staff of the venue in the number persons allowed.
  • One exemption allowed: in respect of premises which can exceed the gathering limits by the owner/operator arranging for approved testing of patrons with LFTs. These would need to be completed by a registered practitioner that verifies a negative result for all patrons and employees, no more than 24 hours before the gathering.
  • The updates to public gatherings do not apply to the following:
  1. Business or office premises
  2. Educational institutions
  3. Emergency shelters
  4. Churches
    • Churches and businesses should remember that at any time congregants and customers, who are not of the same household, should maintain separation of at least 6 feet.
    • Boating rules remain unchanged.
    • Who Can Travel to the Sister Islands rules remain the same.
  • Face Masks rules remain unchanged.
  • Ticketing of offences will be reintroduced for violations of these regulations. A total of 27 ticketable offences provide for a range in fines from $250 to $1,000.
  • The regulations remain unchanged for restaurant and bars call for tables to be 6ft apart

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