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Meet the Chamber’s summer intern, Jenece Johnson

Many businesses are providing work experience to Cayman’s youth for the
summer and the Chamber of Commerce is pleased to welcome the return
of Jenece Johnson. Jenece will assist with programmes and events and
other administrative and marketing duties. She finished the first year of an
associate degree programme in accounting at the University College of the
Cayman Islands. “I want to become an accountant, but I am also interested
in marketing,” she said.
It’s the second summer since Jenece has been an intern at the Chamber.
She wanted to come back again, she said, because she learned so much
the first time: “It helped me sharpen my skills – like communications, phone
etiquette and it gave me something productive to do in the summer.”
“I’m delighted to have Jenece back on the Chamber team. She has a great
attitude and always wants to learn new skills. The Chamber team looks
forward to helping her by providing her with some work experience to assist
in her career development.”
When she isn’t at the Chamber or studying, Jenece loves listening to
music, watching movies, and hanging out with her friends, and all her
brothers and sisters.