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National Housing Development Trust Set to Begin Phase 3 of Affordable Homes Project in East End

Last Friday, 27th November, the Ministry of Housing along with the National Housing Development Trust (NHDT) broke ground on phase 3 of East End’s affordable home project.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, housing has become an issue for so many around the world and the saying, “your home is your sanctuary – a place of safety and refuge,” has had more meaning now than it has in a long time. The Ministry along with NHDT aims to ensure that every Caymanian has a safe and affordable place to call home.

The initiative will also help support the island’s economic recovery by creating employment in the housing and construction sectors. The CI$750k initiative will cover construction of the first seven set of the affordable houses for phase three of the project that is scheduled to begin in mid-December. An additional 14 houses will also to be started within the first quarter of 2021.

The NHDT also assists pre-selected applicants with seeking mortgage financing through various local banks as this can be a burdensome task for some.

At the event the Minister for Housing, Hon. Dwayne Seymour, JP said, “A country in which only a few can afford housing is not just or sustainable. Everyone deserves a safe place to live, for their children to play, to feel the comfort of home. We know a home can transform the quality of life for individuals and families.”

Minister Seymour noted, “However, we know that even today there is a major housing crisis in many places around the world. We continue to fight this major challenge together and to help provide safe and adequate housing for our people.”

He went on to address the steep cost of living in the Cayman Islands and to thank the NHDT for their hard-work and diligence in bringing the community to this point.
“It was a pleasure to be joined by the Minister, MLAs and other distinguished guests for this event. As noted by the Minister, it is our mission at NHDT to not only build homes but to build a society where young Caymanians can grow up knowing that there will be land, homes, a place of shelter that they can afford and live happy and productive lives,” said Mr Julio Ramos, NHDT General Manager.
It was noted that massive projects like these require a multi-stakeholder approach in order to address the needs of all involved – government, private sector and the community. Communities develop only when the needs of all residents are met. Ensuring affordable homes is a critical step in that direction, and the Ministry assured the public they would continue working to this end.

Minister Seymour concluded, “Do not think we are just breaking ground but rather that we are planting seeds for future happiness, stability and strong communities.”