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New COVID-19 Regulations Issued

Two new COVID-19 regulations and a notice to extend by three months current inter-island travel and boating regulations were gazetted Wednesday, 20 January 2021.

They bring changes to some sections of the regulations issued late last year as well as the notice of boating and travel regulations, all of which will be valid until 15 April 2021.

The principal change in the new Prevention, Control and Suppression of Covid-19 Regulations, 2021 will be to the numbers allowed for outdoor public gatherings, which has been expanded to 1,000 people from the current limit of 500 persons.

However, there will be no change to indoor gatherings, which remains limited to 500 people at any indoor event.

Where a venue hosts simultaneous, separate, and unrelated indoor and outdoor gatherings, the total number permitted to gather there is a maximum of 1,500 people, with the break-down as 1,000 maximum gathering outdoors and 500 maximum gathering indoors for the event being held in those respective areas. For viewing the full regulations, visit

The amendments also include extension to 15 April 2021 of current boating regulations as well as around-island and inter-island travel by boat and air. These were set to expire on 31 January. See and for the actual regulations which are now extended to 15 April.

Additionally, processions and parades involving a uniformed service or a youth organisation will be permitted.

Under the new regulations, a uniformed service is defined as a naval force, including Coast Guard, a regiment, police force, fire service and prison service; and a youth organisation is specified as (a) Cayman Islands Scout Association; (b) Girls’ Brigade Cayman Islands; (c) Cayman Islands Cadet Corps; (d) Girlguiding Cayman Islands; and (e) Cayman Islands Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Pathfinders. To see the regulations, visit

Other protocols that remain unchanged from the previous regulations continue to be in force and need to be followed to ensure that COVID-19 is well managed in the Cayman Islands. This includes a ban on visiting or having contact with anyone in quarantine, mandatory testing before visiting a residential care home or prison, wearing of masks when using public transportation, businesses being prohibited from allowing hookahs, shishas or water pipes, and restrictions on rental of certain scuba and snorkelling equipment. For details, visit at policies and action.

Public transport operators are again reminded that all persons travelling in a taxi or omnibus should be wearing masks when inside the vehicles, including the drivers.