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Nominations Received for 50 Potential Candidates

At the close of Nomination Day, the Elections Office received nomination submissions from 50 individuals seeking candidacy in the General Election on Wednesday, 14 April 2021.

“Nomination Day activities ran like clockwork today.  It was a testament to the efforts of our staff over the last few weeks as they worked tirelessly getting ready for today’s logistics, preparing materials, ensuring transportation ran smoothly, and training for accepting nominations.  I’m so proud of the professionalism of the entire team and would like to thank the Elections Office team, the RCIPS, the Accounts team from the Portfolio of the Civil Service, and Treasury on Cayman Brac for their assistance in making this possible,” said the Supervisor of Elections, Wesley Howell.

The Elections Office will now consider their eligibility as candidates. Contested elections will be announced by the Supervisor of Elections on Thursday 4 March 2021, as planned.

A full list of nominations received is provided below.

Electoral District Given Names Surname
West Bay North Rolston Malachi Anglin
West Bay North Bernie Alfredo Bush
West Bay West McKeeva Bush
West Bay West Mario E. Ebanks
West Bay Central Capt. Eugene Ebanks
West Bay Central Katherine Ebanks-Wilks
West Bay South André Martin Ebanks
West Bay South Raul Nicholson-Coe
George Town North Joseph Xavier Hew
George Town North Renard Johann Moxam
George Town West Pearlina McGaw-Lumsden
George Town West Ellio Anthony Solomon
George Town West Dr. Kenrick Herbert Webster
George Town West David Charles Wight
George Town Central Kenneth Vernon Bryan
George Town Central Frank Anthony Cornwall
George Town South Barbara Conolly
George Town South Alric Lindsay
George Town East Richard Alexander Bernard
George Town East Emily Cecelia Ann DeCou
George Town East Roy Michael McTaggart
George Town East Christina Hislop Rowlandson
George Town East Frank Swarres McField
Red Bay James Samuel “Sammy” Jackson
Red Bay Alden McLaughlin
Prospect Austin Osmond Harris, Jr.
Prospect Michael Steven Myles
Prospect Sabrina Theresa Turner
Savannah Heather Dianne Bodden
Savannah Malcolm Anthony Eden
Savannah Jeanna Williams
Newlands Roydell Alston Carter
Newlands Raul Gonzalez, Jr.
Newlands G. Wayne Panton
Newlands Alva Suckoo
Bodden Town West Vincent Reynaldo Frederick
Bodden Town West Christopher Selvin Saunders
Bodden Town East Osbourne “Ossie” Vendryes Bodden
Bodden Town East Dwayne Stanley “John John” Seymour
North Side Debra Lolita “Debbie” Broderick (nee Miller)
North Side Johany S. “Jay” Ebanks
North Side Justin Craig Ebanks
North Side Denison Ezzard Miller
East End McCleary Dwight Frederick
East End V. Arden McLean
East End Isaac Douglas Rankine
Cayman Brac West and Little Cayman Moses Ian Kirkconnell
Cayman Brac West and Little Cayman Maxine Avon McCoy-Moore
Cayman Brac East Juliana Connolly-O’Connor
Cayman Brac East Elvis Jeffery McKeever