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NRA Drain Cleaning and Debris Management Schedule 23-25 August

As part of a regular update from the National Roads Authority (NRA), the NRA is now sharing its drains cleaning and debris management schedule for the period from Monday August 23 to Wednesday August 25.

Vegetation and debris management will continue in the following areas, working with NRA’s private contractors:

East End:

  • Road to Mental Health Facility and Radar Basin
  • John Mclean Drive
  • Broadleaf Close
  • Java Ln
  • Survivors Road
  • Farm Road
  • Mica Drive
  • Quantam Drive
  • Skipwith Link
  • Welcome Way
  • Fiddlers Way


  • Rum Point Drive
  • Hutland Road
  • Tidyman Lane
  • Niceville Lane
  • Friendly Lane
  • Uncle Bert Lane
  • Sandstone Drive
  • Waidland Avenue
  • Juberry Link
  • Briardale Road

Bodden Town:

  • Central Bodden Town main Road
  • Manse Road
  • Monument Road
  • Mijall Road
  • Cumber Avenue
  • Gun Square Road
  • Daffodil Street
  • Belford Drive


  • Daniels Drive
  • Armstrong Avenue
  • Lottery Road
  • Cadet Drive
  • Damsel Close
  • Agricola Drive
  • Stonewall Drive

George Town:

  • Esterley Tibbetts Highway
  • West Bay Road
  • Soto Lane
  • Jasmin Lane
  • Rock Cave Drive
  • Midsummer Drive
  • Sunblaze Drive
  • Fossil Link
  • Azure Drive

West Bay:

  • Conch Point Road
  • Birch Tree Hill Road
  • Barnett Close
  • Swallow Road
  • Tulip Close
  • Capt Joe and Osbert Road
  • Cinder Lane
  • Boreal Street
  • Firewood Close
  • Aurora Drive
  • Australis Drive
  • Viewpoint Lane
  • Parkview Crescent

Drains Maintenance
Vacuuming and blowing will be done in the below areas as well examining further areas not named below but identified by residents for additional drain wells.

 George Town:
Windsor Park area roads including:

  • Andy Drive
  • Hawkins Drive
  • Mango Turn
  • Williams Drive
  • Theresa Drive
  • East Boulevard
  • Apollo Link
  • Morton Road
  • Dallas Lane
  • Oak Mill Street
  • Oakland Street

Reinstatement Of Road Signs 
The NRA notes that many road signs have either fallen or have been damaged.  In response, NRA crews will be replacing or fixing fallen or damaged signs along the main road corridor in various areas including Eastern Avenue to Galleria mini roundabout and Crewe Road to Bodden Town Road.

The public will be advised of updates to the schedule as soon as possible.

In the event that members of the public may have questions, they should contact NRA’s main line at 946-7780 or email


Submitted by: National Roads Authority