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People’s Sustainability Charter 2021

In observance of the 20th anniversary of the official original signing of the Environment Charter by the Cayman Islands Government, community advocacy group Amplify Cayman announces the release of a People’s Sustainability Charter for the Cayman Islands.

Through collaborative examination amongst community members, local grassroots collective Amplify Cayman seeks to offer to the public discussion ideas for the application of Sustainability Principles, Concepts and Goals for the benefit of policy makers and the public.

The Charter addresses modern public concerns regarding our Environmental, Social, and Economic considerations – to be examined and addressed in line with ‘One Planet Living Principles’ and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is the groups intention to spark and unify public discussions and outcomes for a greener and people focused future in a 21st Century Cayman Islands – empowering Cayman to commit to a call to action.

‘We are very excited to share the Charter with the public and are pleased to have worked together with community members to create such a cohesive and encompassing document in such important times,” said Morgan Ebanks of the advocacy group, “it really is the product of a team effort, and we are all ready to play our part in inspiring the People of The Cayman Islands to participate in our community.”

Amplify Cayman seeks to provide a base to work from that will inform and guide discourse relating to the challenges facing The Cayman Islands and calls on Caymanian Civil Society to be empowered with these ideas by Committing to the Sustainability Charter at or contact for more information.


Submitted by: Amplify Cayman