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Postal Service Update on Parcels from US, UK

The Cayman Islands Postal Service continues to receive and process parcels and other items containing merchandise that have arrived from US and UK.

However, due to mail transportation limitations as well as sanitisation requirements, mail is arriving in large volumes at the same time and is therefore taking longer than normal to be processed.

To facilitate, where possible, the Postal Service is asking customers to check the tracking on their items either on the website of the vendor or on the Cayman Islands Postal Service website at for updates on their items’ status.
Customers are requested to note that the items will not become available for collection until either a “Item held at delivery depot” or “Item arrival at collection point for pick-up” tracking event is shown.  

Tracking information online provides the same information available to postal staff. Also, using the online information source will prevent the inconvenience of visiting the Airport Post Office to get the tracking information or before the item can be released.

Delays in processing packages with merchandise can also be prevented by ensuring that an invoice has been provided. The invoices can be emailed to

Proper addressing, including a PO Box number, also helps avoid delays since customer notification slips are sent to their individual PO Box addresses.

The Postmaster General and CIPS staff apologise for any inconvenience caused by these delays beyond their control and thank customers for their continuing patience during these exceptional times.