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PPM Announcement of formation of government

This afternoon Mr Panton announced that he has formed a Government with Mr Bush as Speaker.  If this is the case, then he will have nine members in Government seats with an opposition that also has nine members.   In effect this would be a hung parliament incapable of passing legislation or even, as their first act, being able to elect a Premier.

Parliamentary convention throughout the Westminster system of government in the Commonwealth, requires that the casting vote given to the Speaker to break a tie be exercised only to preserve the status quo, not to pass legislation or to elect a new Premier. Mr. Panton does not therefore have a viable government at this stage.  This is merely a ruse and whilst Mr Panton may be able to fool some of the country with this tactic, he will not be able to fool the majority.

The Progressives and our Alliance partners remain committed to working with elected members to form a Government that can manage the affairs of state and one that can stay together through the difficult time ahead.

I will make a further announcement as soon as there is something further to advise.

May God continue to bless our Cayman Islands and its people.