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Premier Wayne Panton is guest speaker at Chamber AGM

The Hon. Wayne Panton, Premier and Minister for Sustainability and Climate Resiliency was the guest speaker at the Chamber AGM, on February 9 at the Grand Cayman Resort.  

Sharing the PACT government’s vision for commitment to a strong economy along with a robust social agenda, Premier Panton said:

“ I am pleased to report that our economy is strong and getting stronger. Our economic growth rate is among the best in the region – we are in excess of 3.5% in real terms based on the last published numbers. International business is thriving. Hotels are full again. Shops and restaurants are bustling. And jobs are available up and down the economic ladder. It is my pleasure to report that, thanks to the successful reopening of the economy, there will be a surplus in this year’s budget.”

Premier Panton highlighted several more achievements, including the extended reduction in fees for small and micro businesses, and a reduction in liquor license fees which benefitted a total of 380 license holders.  “We also have made significant progress in meeting the ever-changing standards of the global financial regulatory regime,” Mr. Panton said.

“Serving in Government is a privilege; it is not a right. It is not about personalities or power; it is about service and it is about people.  We came into office promising to be a different kind of Government, a more transparent government, a government that grew our economy while at the same time ensuring that Caymanians are not left behind.”’   

Premier Panton highlighted some of the provisions of the Government’s Sustainability Agenda, including an adjusted minimum wage, a substantial investment in affordable housing, and working with public and private sector initiatives to train Caymanians to earn, and keep higher skilled jobs, “From trades to board rooms.” It also included the development of a comprehensive transportation plan that, he said, included new roads infrastructure along with incentives for car sharing, biking and a new clean and reliable public transport system.

“To outgoing President Scott, thank you for all you have done for our Country and our economy. To incoming President Dilbert, congratulations and best of luck during your tenure. I look forward to working with you to build a stronger and more secure economy where the rising tide of prosperity truly raises all ships or all people across our three islands.”