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Press release from Davenport Development Re: Red Bay Access road.

Dear All,

Davenport Development must respond to the comments made by the Premier, Alden McLaughlin during the Chamber of Commerce Forum on Monday, 15 March 2021.

Davenport has not made any recent agreements with the Government regarding the creation of local access at Grand Harbour.  Indeed, we do not own the land in negotiation.

The Premier stated, “We have today reached an agreement with respect to local access from Selkirk Drive into the Grand Harbour and Davenport Development.”

This is a lie. Davenport Development Ltd was not in any conversations with the Government on Monday. In fact, Davenport has not had discussions on this matter prior to 2020, when the matter was decided, and we were told quite clearly that the access road was off the table.

Our clients have been upset and calling since this broadcast, questioning Davenport’s integrity since we communicated the Government’s earlier position. They purchased and have been misled by the words of the Unity Government that we passed on to them.

Sadly, the voters in Davenport’s newest development Arvia must now make a decision if they will invest or withdraw.  These words have sabotaged our business and our reputation, something that is abhorrent to us.

Davenport Development wishes our loyal and valued purchasers to know that we have been blindsided by this announcement and are investigating how such false information came to be published.

We thank Cayman Compass for agreeing to hear the truth of the matter and to help to set the record straight.

Again, and for clarification we were taken by complete surprise of the false words from the candidate for Red Bay, Mr. Alden McLaughlin.

Kind regards,

Paul & Ken