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Public Health and Education Officials advise all GTPS households to stay in isolation

Public Health officials along with the Ministry of Education advise that all George Town Primary School (GTPS) households must continue to isolate, whether results have been received or not, until they are contacted by a Public Health or Education official.

GTPS remains closed until clearance to return to school is given by Public Health.

Both agencies are on standby to assist families during this time.

 “I want to thank the staff and families for their cooperation with the screening procedures around the George Town Primary School.  Please remain isolated with your family until you are given advice that you are released.  In order to complete contact tracing, we will need to have the results of the entire school to understand the situation, and after that, we will advise everyone when they can be released.  Thank you again for your assistance,” said Chief Medical Office, Dr John Lee.

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Submitted by: Government Information Services (GIS, CIG)