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Public Transport Board Confirms Bus Fares Have Not Increased

The Public Transport Board (PTB) wishes to advise the public that it has not granted approval to increase the fares charged on public buses, and has confirmed that notices which have been placed on public transport were not generated or authorised by the Board.

Acting swiftly to quell rumours of a fare increase, the PTB has today notified all omnibus drivers and operators that the notices advertising unauthorised fare increases must be taken down immediately. The Board further stated in its correspondence to public transport operators that noncompliance with this directive will be promptly addressed and could have adverse consequences.

 The public are advised to note that approved bus fares are as follows:

George Town – West Bay                          CI$2.00 / US$2.50

George Town – Bodden Town                  CI$2.00  / US$2.50

George Town – East End                            CIS3.50 / US$4.37

George Town – North Side                        CI$3.50 / US$4.37

George Town – Cayman Kai                      CI$8.00 / US$10.00

Bus Service around GT                               CI$2.00 / US$2.50

The Public Transport Board has received a request to increase public bus fares. However, given the impact that a fare increase could potentially have on the community and on the cost of living, the request is being carefully considered and no decision has been made at this time.


Issued by: Ministry of Tourism & Transport (CIG)