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Remembrance Day Message

From:  Roy McTaggart, Leader of the Opposition & Political Leader of the Progressives

As we enter the Remembrance Day weekend it is fitting that we take the time to reflect on those who gave their lives to preserve our freedom and our way of life – our veterans and seafarers. 

Many Caymanians served with honour in conflict – from World War 2, to Vietnam, the Falklands, the Gulf war, Iraq and in Afghanistan. We remember these men and women in this weekend’s celebrations in appreciation for their sacrifice on our behalf.  In the words of Shakespeare – “Praising what is lost makes the remembrance dear”.

Enjoy time spent with family and friends this weekend – but please do so carefully.  The war we fight today against the virus is with masks and hand sanitizers and good sense, and yes with vaccinations.   Do pay attention to the public health protocols this weekend.  And next week as soon as you are able to do so please consider getting vaccinated.  If already vaccinated then get your booster if you qualify.

Have a Happy and Safe Remembrance Day weekend.

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