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Researchers Present Ground-breaking Findings on Medicinal Plant

An international scientific research team will share findings on a patented medicinal plant, newly identified in Jamaica, at a virtual international event hosted on Sunday, November 8, at 3 pm.

The event will be hosted by Zon International Holdings Limited, which holds the patent, in association with the Northern Caribbean University (NCU) Alumni Federation. The Federation, of which the Cayman Chapter is a member, is spearheading the international distribution of the product, Zon Teasan.

The “Teasan” branding denotes a “tisane”, a medicinal beverage that is definitionally a plant-derived drink not originating from the Camella sinensis (traditional tea) plant. A limited number of previously distributed samples will enable some Zoom participants, including persons in Cayman, to participate in another aspect of Sunday’s event, a virtual tea party.

The newly developed product derived from the patented cinnamon ginger plant has received much attention for its uniqueness and health promoting potential, said Alumni Federation President Harry Clayton. The tisane is now poised to formally enter the lucrative global nutraceutical market, Mr. Clayton said.

The Zon Teasan brand is already widely distributed and consumed in Jamaica, where anecdotal reports from several consumers claim amelioration in symptoms of a wide range of conditions, according to Dr. Kacey Reid, physician at Northern Caribbean University. Research into the product’s potential as a nutraceutical began at NCU.

The launch and distribution of the product is the culmination of collaborative scientific work by researchers from NCU, the University of the West Indies, University of Arizona, and University of California, Davis. This research, which is continuing, contributed to the authentication of the new variety of the plant within the ginger family, its health potential and ultimate production.

The Northern Caribbean University Alumni Federation formalized its commitment to spearhead the international distribution of the Zon nutraceutical in an October 22, 2020, signing ceremony hosted by the Jamaica National Commission on Science and Technology and attended by Jamaica Government officials.

President of the Cayman Chapter of the Alumni Association is hoping to distribute, in partnership with the Federation, the Zon Teasan product in Cayman. Based in Florida, the Federation serves a coordinating role for NCU chapters worldwide.

The Federation’s commitment follows a long-standing partnership between Zon International Holdings Limited and Northern Caribbean University, which jointly launched the product in June 2019.

Proceeds from the marketing of the Zon Teasan medicinal product will facilitate, among other goals, the continuation of laboratory and clinical research, specifically in relation to its antiviral potential, Dr. Reid said, adding, “Experts believe that extracts of the product may have antiviral activity against infections such as dengue and influenza. Studies will also investigate its potential against the coronavirus.”

Proceeds have also been committed for developmental initiatives at the Northern Caribbean University, including the funding of scholarships.

All are invited to participate in the virtual event via YouTube: NCU TV Jamaica and Facebook @ ncueducation. If you wish to participate via zoom, please click here.

Meeting ID: 869 8980 7878
Passcode: NCU

Meeting ID: 869 8980 7878
Passcode: 322120