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Response to Human Rights Commission Statement on Quarantined Electors

The Elections Office welcomes the support of the Human Rights Commission in our efforts to find a suitable resolution that will safely permit electors isolating or quarantining on Election Day to exercise their right to vote.

“The safety and well-being of electors, Election Office staff and the general community is a critical consideration. We are optimistic that we will be able to implement acceptable public health protocols that would allow specially trained election workers in suitable personal protective equipment to poll individuals in isolation or quarantine through the already established mobile voting provision,” said the Supervisor of Elections, Wesley Howell.

Individuals who are not isolating or quarantining but are still unable to cast their ballot in person at a polling station on Election Day are encouraged to apply for postal or mobile voting depending on whether they will be on- or off-island.

Electors who will be or are likely to be off-island on Election Day are encouraged to apply for postal voting. Applications are being accepted and the first dispatch of postal ballots will be on or before 11 March. The deadline for postal voting applications is 6 April.

Mobile voting applications are being accepted for electors who will be on-island but are unable or are likely to be unable to go in person to the polling station on Election Day. You may qualify for mobile voting if:

  • You are or are likely to be in a hospital, rest home or other similar institution on Election Day or because you are a geriatric at home
  • You are blind or have any other physical incapacity and are unable to go in person to the polling station or unable to go unaided
  • You are unable to go in person to the polling station because of the general nature of your occupation, service or employment
  • You are working on Election Day (e.g. polling staff, police, medical personnel etc.)

The deadline for mobile voting applications is also 6 April.

Postal and mobile voting application forms are available at and can be emailed to or delivered in person to the Elections Office.

Individuals seeking nominations are reminded that it is an offence for a candidate or the agent of a candidate to fill out or witness a mobile or postal voting application form.