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Seniors AquaFit Set to Make a Splash in East End

 A 98-year-old woman is one of the East End seniors who will soon be able to keep fit and mobile by taking AquaFit classes. More formally known Water Exercise for Seniors, 20 persons have already signed up.

Launched on Thursday, 27 May 2021, the free, low-impact water sessions for the over 60s are a Department of Children & Family Services (DCFS) initiative,  in partnership with Ocean Frontiers and prime sponsor Wheaton Precious Metals International Ltd.

Several older persons, including the nonagenarian, attended the launch at the dive operation to learn more about the 20-week programme set to kick off on Friday (4 June 2021).

Director DCFS Paulinda Mendoza-Williams welcomed the collaboration as a good example of how communities can be supported.

“I want to encourage you to participate as much as you can. It is good for muscles and the aches and pains that we have,” she concluded.

Head of the Swim and Safety programme Candace Zwarich spoke next. The Starfish Aquatics Institute (SAI) swim instructor, yoga teacher and PADI dive instructor will teach the weekly, hourlong classes and advised on the poolside sessions.

“Exercises will help build overall strength and flexibility. Warming up the body is a key part of the classes to regain mobility in the joints safely before ramping it up with some cardio,” she said, adding that the programme will take place in shallow water.

Wheaton Precious Metals Vice-President (commercial and sustainability), Andre Budylin, said:  “We’ve worked with Delmira [Bodden DCFS Community Development Officer for East End] on a number of initiatives.”

“It takes a community [of volunteers] to make a community. This is a perfect example of where we come together as partners to make something that I hope will be of great benefit to everyone here. I’m definitely looking forward to coming back and seeing it in action.”

For more information about these classes, call Ocean Frontiers at 323-4040.