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Make Your Business Shine Bright in 2023 with Chamber Training

The first quarter of 2023 has been a very successful one for the Chamber Training Centre, with many employers registering their employees. The Chamber of Commerce  are leaders in professional training and development in the Cayman Islands, and Chamber Training courses  are specially designed to help you attain success in Cayman’s unique business environment.  

Chamber Training is divided into Workplace Essentials, which gives employees the tools they need to succeed, the highly acclaimed Ken Blanchard Leadership series and Legal Assist, which provides practical and affordable legal advice for business owners and managers. Our Small Biz Bootcamps are free and provide just the information you need to get going if you run a small or micro business.  

Recently, our Ken Blanchard Leadership series is a globally – acclaimed series available to you, without having to leave the Cayman Islands. Sheron Campbell, one of the participants of the Blanchard Management Essentials course, felt she had learned a lot from the day-long session: “I really enjoyed it. The course focussed on goal setting, and there were good points on praising your team and redirecting them. I like how we approach a situation by giving respect to our employees and show them that they are valued.,” she said. 

Looking ahead, there are many opportunities for you or your staff to register for our Chamber Training Courses throughout April, May, and June.    

Between 19 and 26 April a series of 2 day workshops in the Ken Blanchard Leadership Series teachers managers how to develop faster, succeed more, and reach their full potential, while the one-day Self-Leadership course helps creates a workforce of self-leaders who are empowered to contribute more. .  

Basic Accounting on 10 May transforms accounting into easily understood concepts and is designed for anyone who needs to gain an understanding of basic accounting as part of their job, QuickBooks (Desktop) on 14 June is just right for people who have already started using QuickBooks, but would like to gain proficiency. There also are two Legal Assist courses in June, one focussing on health insurance and pensions (1 June, and the other one focussing on the law governing landlord and tenant relations (22 June.)  

A full list of all Chamber Centre Training courses with online registration is available here: