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Stamp Issue Celebrates Botanic Park

A national treasure that celebrates land-based flora and fauna of the Cayman Islands is itself being lauded in the latest stamp issue from the CI Postal Service.

The Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park gets fittingly showcased in a truly impactful new stamp issue. This is the only issue for 2020 for the Postal Service, which generally puts out between three and six new stamp issues annually.

The new Botanic Park stamp issue is also unique in that it is a 12-stamp “definitive” issue “commemorating the beautiful scenery, wildlife and historic buildings seen at the Park.” Definitive stamp issues, as opposed to commemorative issues highlighting events, are periodically issued by the Postal Service and, as such, are rarer issues.

The increased choices this time also extend to the denominations of the stamps being issued. The stamps are valued at 25¢, 50¢, 75¢, $1.00, $1.50, $1.60, $2, $4, $5, $10, $20. Additionally, there are three First Day Covers valued at $12.60, $14.90 and $22.30, as well as a $2 Souvenir Sheet.

The full issue not only prominently features the diversity that abounds in the park but also provides in the accompanying leaflet a rich source of information about the park, its history, its distinct features and its importance to the Cayman Islands.

Commented Acting Postmaster General, Mr. Lloyd McField, on the new issue: “COVID-19 posed challenges hitherto not faced in the Cayman Islands, in that there were very few significant celebratory national events that could be planned well enough in advance for commemorative stamp issues to take place.

“Therefore, we are glad we could plan and execute a definitive stamp issue around one of our greatest national treasures – the QEII Botanic Park. We are also particularly pleased to be drawing attention to, and reminding our people, about this local attraction that literally grows in beauty, depth and attractiveness each year.”

The new stamps can be purchased at all post offices in the Cayman Islands that sell postal stamps as well as the Philatelic section located in the Seven Mile Post Office.