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Statement at Vaccine Roll-Out Press Briefing by Minister of Health

Good Afternoon Caymanians, Residents and Caymanians viewing overseas. Happy New Year to you all!

As you are all aware, this morning I along with the Premier, Governor, the Chief Medical Officer and others took the COVID vaccination. I look forward to the full rollout of our national vaccination programme to the communities across all three Islands. I feel blessed to begin 2021 with such good news for all the people in our Islands.

Although the vaccination for COVID-19 is voluntary, I urge as many of you who are able to also become vaccinated in order to best protect ourselves, family, friends and the wider community.

As of yesterday the worldwide count had reached a staggering 86.8 million cases and a heartbreaking 1.9 million deaths around the world.

According to Bloomberg as of the sixth of January, almost 16 million doses of a COVID-19 vaccine in at least 37 countries have already been administered. This speaks volumes about the safety of the approved COVID-19 vaccinations. We can all agree it is a massive undertaking to protect the entire globe and we have to keep doing our part here at home to fight this deadly disease.

I am proud we have joined this life saving campaign with the Island’s first batch of COVID-19 vaccines being administered. Having taken my first dose this morning. I can attest to the safety of the vaccine and confirm that I am feeling fine and I ask everyone in our community to come forward when it is opened to your category.

Although the vaccine is not a cure all it is a light at the end of what has been a very long, dark tunnel for so many people.

Though the first batch of vaccines have reached our shores we cannot become complacent. As we begin taking the vaccines here, unifying with the rest of the world in the fight, we must still continue to practice prevention measures. Remember to check for updated safety guidance. On the site you will also find our FAQs on the vaccine with lots of helpful information you can discuss with your loved ones and families in your decision making. There is also a video with Dr Lee on the page and on our CIGTV channel busting many of the concerning myths around the new vaccine.

Lastly, we should all – if we are able – get vaccinated and do our part in our fight to help rebuild our economy, to open our borders, to travel freely once again, and of course to spend time without worry with the elderly and vulnerable in our lives.

Let’s keeping working together.

Be safe Cayman and God Bless.