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Statement by H.E. The Governor Mr Martyn Roper on Swearing-in Preparations

The Civil Service began preparations for the swearing in of a new Government following my meeting yesterday (Thursday, 15 April 2021) with elected candidate Mr Wayne Panton.

As part of the constitutionally mandated process, the candidate representing the majority of votes in the Parliament must meet with me to confirm their ability to form a Government, as Mr Panton has done. I have to date received no formal requests concerning this matter from any other candidates.

The next step in the process is the publication of a proclamation to call a session of the Parliament, which Mr Panton has requested for Wednesday, 21 April, at which all newly elected and appointed Members of Parliament will be sworn in and vote for a Premier.

I can confirm that there is no meeting of Parliament scheduled today. Preparations will continue until a new Government is sworn in.