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Statement from the Progressives

The election is over and the people have spoken.  The Progressives Alliance secured eight seats and we had arrangements with Isaac Rankine and Jay Ebanks for them to help to form the Government when they won.  We recognise that North Side and East End have not been in Government for twelve long years and so we have offered a cabinet seat to Mr. Rankine.  In addition, we also offered Ms. Sabrina Turner a cabinet seat.  It is my belief, and remains my belief, that by re-electing all of the current Ministers, along with two of our Parliamentary Secretaries that the country has voted for continuity of Government. 

It appears that despite our efforts at outreach to those we wish to bring into Government, that Mr. Wayne Panton has met with the Governor and provided him with a letter signed overnight by 10 independent members claiming to have formed the Government.  However, over the course of today we have been in discussions with several of the independents or their agents and those discussions continue.  We hope these discussions will bear fruit and produce an experienced and competent government capable of continuing to manage the complex issues confronting these Islands.  We will make a further announcement as soon as there are other developments.

May God bless these beloved Cayman Islands.