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Stood Up Photo Opportunity Encourages Adults to Step Up

Civil servants and members of the Business and Professional Women’s Club of Grand Cayman rallied to the theme: “Take Action Together” at the Stood Up campaign photo shoot on Friday (23 October 2020).

Held by the Family Resource Centre (FRC), on the steps of the Government Administration Building, participants in the annual show of solidarity against bullying were joined by the Department of Counselling Services (DCS) Director Judith Seymour.

“This month’s FRC’s multi-media campaign has been directed at parents, caregivers, school personnel and other adult guardians of children,” Mrs Seymour explained.

“October’s theme of “Take Action Together” is calling for more visible and concerted action in ridding the Cayman Islands of bullying behaviours. Stood Up comes off the back of a particularly stressful time for children and families and is being advanced through the FRC’s educational social media campaign,” she added.     

“This year the campaign is focusing on adults’ role in eradicating bullying from the home, the classroom and the community. In order to do that we need to be able to identify the various forms of bullying, and understand the strategies to successfully challenge bullying wherever it occurs,” said FRC Programme Facilitator Mehr Lamba.

“We recognise that not only parents but teachers, bus drivers, coaches and others who are in positions of authority around children should act as the first line of defence against bullying behaviours,” she concluded.

As well as the photoshoot, Stood Up 2020 has featured a Parenting Skills webinar, radio interviews and weekly social media posts to help adults understand and identify the dynamics of bullying, the signs and effects of it in children, in order to effectively support them.

Monies raised through the sale of the campaign’s T-shirts will help support the FRC’s community-centred programmes.

To find out more about how to counter bullying, visit the FRC Facebook page and

Stoodup1: Civil servants and members of the Business and Professional Women’s Club of Grand Cayman took a stand at the Stood Up photo opp. outside Government Administration Building on Friday (23 October 2020).