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Sunrise Clients Hold Centre Stage

When the lights went down in Camana Bay Cinema’s Auditorium 1 on Monday (26 July 2021), the stars of the show were Sunrise Adult Training Centre clients.

The red carpet premiere of the Sunrise Centre’s “The Wizard of Oz” production was hosted by the Ministry of Investment, Innovation and Social Development. Attended by the Minister for Social Development, Hon. André Ebanks and Parliamentary Secretary for Social Development, Ms Heather Bodden, it was a big night out for cast members, staff, family and friends.

After the screening Mr. Ebanks said, “I am very pleased to be here as Minister for Investment, Innovation and Social Development in support of Sunrise Adult Training Centre. It is an absolute pleasure, we loved the event and this institution is going to get greater exposure and support from the PACT government.”

The play’s director and Sunrise’s Functional Life Skills Instructor, Ms Stephanie Rattan said, “This is our seventh show. Every year we work to create a truly inclusive stage – every client participates and gets a moment to shine. Performing onstage not only allows our clients to develop and showcase their talents, but builds confidence, and provides important community inclusion opportunities.”

Before the show guests enjoyed light refreshments socialised at the 2021 Sunrise Adult Training Centre House Championship Gala. Held at Camana Bay’s newest eatery, Tomfoodery the informal reception spilled out into The Paseo. As well as providing an opportunity to meet outside the centre, it gave participants the chance to celebrate the end of a successful training year and anticipate the production’s big screen debut.

Both events, as well as highlighting the enrichment opportunities Sunrise offers, also showed the innovative ways that it partners with employers to give internship and employment opportunities for clients. Mr. Tevin Douglas, a Sunrise Vocational client, works at Tomfoodery and helped prepare the reception’s canapes while two other clients, Ms Krysten Martin, and Mr. Jordan McLean, took the night off as cinema ushers, to join their cast-mates for the screening.

The final event of the evening was the presentation of the 2nd Annual House Championship Cup. The competition between Viribus (Strength), Integritas (Integrity) and Sapientiae (Wisdom), saw Sapientiae clinch the top prize. Minister Ebanks and PS Bodden congratulated the winners, offering encouragement and praise.



Submitted: Government Information Services (GIS, CIG)