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The Composition of Cabinet

Hon. G Wayne Panton, JP, MP

Premier and Minister for Sustainability & Climate Resiliency and Minister for Finance & Economic Development

Hon. Juliana Y. O’Connor-Connolly, JP, MP

Deputy Premier and Minister for Education and Minister for District Administration & Lands


  • Hon. Bernie A. Bush, MP, Minister for Youth, Sports, Culture & Heritage
  • Hon. Kenneth Bryan, MP, Minister for Tourism & Ports
  • Hon. Andre M. Ebanks, MP, Minister for Financial Services & Commerce

    and Minister for Investment, Innovation & Social Development

  • Hon. Johany S. “Jay” Ebanks, MP, Minister for Planning, Agriculture, Housing, & Infrastructure
  • Hon. Sabrina Turner, MP, Minister for Health & Wellness and Home Affairs
  • Hon. Dwayne Seymour, MP, Ministry of Border Control and Labour

Ex-Officio Members:

  • Hon. Franz I. Manderson, MBE, Cert. Hon., JP, Deputy Governor
  • Hon. Samuel Bulgin, QC, JP, Attorney General

UPDATED: 21 March 2023