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Total Health launches Hormone Pellet Therapy at Business After Hours

Total Health launched its newest addition to preventative healthcare, Hormone Pellets Therapy for men and women at a cocktail reception for Business After Hours on Thursday 23rd February at the Grand Pavilion.   Dr. Mark Richards, an American Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, and Rajnish Kumar MD, Diabetes specialist with Total Health, each gave a  presentation before inviting questions from attendees.

“I am so happy to be here this afternoon to share my passion of restoring health and happiness to my patients as they get older,” Dr. Richards said. He outlined the benefits of the new treatment, which included mitigating risks of  heart disease, strokes, diabetes, breast cancer, and prostrate cancer. Benefits also included  treating general feelings of fatigue, depression and loss of wellbeing.

Dr. Richards’ research, outlined in his book, “Nobody Wants You Healthy,” had uncovered that  a group of chemicals present in most plastics  known as  phthalates, which now had found their way into our natural environment including our drinking water, rivers, and air. They  were responsible for disrupting the normal working of hormones in humans and many other animals too.  “The cost in the US is likely a trillion dollars annually,” he said.

“How do we mitigate this serious health risk?” Dr. Richards asked.  The answer was to provide a reliable source of testosterone by way of introducing specially-formulated pellets, the size of a large rice grain which could painlessly be injected into subcutaneous fat of men and women where they would steadily release the hormone.  Dr. Richards said that, contrary to popular belief, both men and women needed an adequate supply of testosterone for optimal health. Dr. Richards is working with Total Health to make the new treatment available as soon as possible.   

Dr. Kumar’s presentation focussed on the importance of comprehensive, regular preventative health screening as a way of identifying and treating health risks at an early stage.

Business After Hours is one of the Chamber’s most popular networking events, allowing Chamber members to get together and learn more about one another in an informal and friendly setting.

Dr. Mark Richards

Dr Rajnish Kumar

Dr. Mark Richards with Business After Hours guests

Chamber President, Nelson Dilbert, introduced Dr. Mark Richards and Dr Rajnish Kumar