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Travel Cayman (TC) Responds to Concerns from Brac Residents

Travel Cayman is aware of recent public discussion on Cayman Brac concerning an instance of different quarantine periods being given to members of the same family, residing at a single address.

Travel Cayman team members from Grand Cayman, who were already on Cayman Brac for business, performed an unscheduled visit at the residence this morning, and are able to reconfirm that the house has been securely and safely converted into multiple residences, each with separate entrances and ventilation systems.

It is this design feature which allows the family members quarantining at the location to receive different quarantine periods, as outlined in the COVID-19 regulations. Travel Cayman confirms that there was no breach of the COVID-19 regulations.

Public Health officials have also confirmed that there are currently no cases of COVID-19 in the Sister Islands.


Submitted by: Travel Cayman (TC, CIG)