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Tropical Storm Warning Issued

With a severe weather system set to strengthen as it moves through the Cayman Islands area overnight, the National Hazard Management Council, has issued a Tropical Storm Warning for the country with effect from 10am, this morning.

 The decision was taken in consultation with the National Weather Service and Hazard Management Cayman Islands at a meeting of senior civil servants and private sector partners this morning.

Up-to-date details concerning expected weather conditions will be shared following the next local forecast, shortly after 10 am. Flood and Marine Warnings are already in effect.        

Further details are expected once the NHMC meets again to take decisions concerning businesses and schools. While this meeting is set for 11 a.m., Deputy Governor Franz Manderson, who chairs the NHMC, urged members of the public to take any necessary preparedness measures promptly.

Hazard Management Cayman Islands also offers some preparedness tips to members of the public. Residents should:

  • move any debris from their yards that can fly around and damage property.
  • fill clean water containers with drinking water.
  • be prepared for any loss of power.

Submitted by: Government Information Services (GIS, CIG)