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YSU’s Onward Teen Summit Offers Leadership Know-How

The Youth Services Unit (YSU) is hosting its second and final Teen Summit camp session ‘Onward’ for youth ages 13-to-17 years old (26-30 July) after positive feedback from its first camp experience for 2021.

“Our Beloved Isle Teen Summit from 19-23 July engaged campers by offering a range of diverse and engaging activities and presentations,” said Teen Summit Co-ordinator Victor Crumbley.

“With an emphasis on fun, discovery and empowerment, the enrichment programme’s first week helped participants not only experience but appreciate fascinating aspects of Caymanian culture, heritage and tradition possibly not fully known to them before. We live in an increasingly homogenous world, so it is essential for our teenagers’ sense of self-worth to develop a strong connection with Cayman’s rich history, culture and heritage. An appreciation of who we are and where we come from forms who we are in the world. The camp has provided learning opportunities for participants, and will hopefully help foster a stronger knowledge-based sense of self and self-confidence moving forward,” he added.

Participant, 13-year-old Dairun Connor said: “The thing I liked the most about the Teen Summit was the cooking demonstration for Cayman-style beef and cassava cake. Not only were they delicious but it also taught me more about my heritage. After hearing more about the seafarers’ accomplishments and contributions towards the Cayman Islands it made me appreciate the technology we have today. In addition, I also appreciated Jeopardy, and daily questions for enlightening me more about Cayman history.”

Teen Summit parent Michelle Powell said: “I heard about the camp from a friend of mine. This is only day three and my kids believe they founded Grand Cayman. In such a short timeframe they have learned so much about the districts.”

“I guess why I’m so impressed is that they learn the same thing in school but that enthusiasm is not there. That’s the huge difference for me. I do not wake them up in the mornings, they’re up at 6 a.m. – huge difference to waking up for school. All I can say is well done to the team for keeping the attention span of teenagers and having them eager to return.”

This coming week’s ‘Onward’ Teen Summit will promote youth development and leadership. Activities aim to give teenagers a competitive edge with social, educational and community-based development opportunities. As well as helping deliver Meals on Wheels to foster community-mindedness, campers will also take part in the highly-interactive “My Personal Brand” presentation and Q&A session led by a young marketing professional. ‘Onwards’ will also involve campers in a National Gallery art enrichment activity. Additionally, this year’s second Teen Summit camp will involve participants in the Toastmasters programme, helping campers become confident and effective communicators and leaders.


To sign up for the last available spaces in the ‘Onwards,’ camp session, email or call 922-3652. The cost for the 8 am to 3 pm camp, based at UCCI, is $100 (financial assistance maybe available on application).


Submitted by: Government Information Services (GIS, CIG)